gender et alia is a queer_feminist translation collective based in Vienna, Austria. Since 1993 we translate texts from English to German, mostly in the fields of feminist theory, gender studies, queer studies, representation, film, and the arts – i.e. in fields were we are experts.

How we work
At least two of us work on every translation which means that every text is translated and afterwards revised at least two times. Additionally, we often discuss translations or specific terms and concepts in a wider circle. This way multiple knowledges and considerations go into our meticulous translations.

Specific fields of discourse develop their own conceptualizations and their own terminology, we therefore address the historical, contextual and political accuracy of our translations with utmost attention. This is where we benefit from our passion for thorough research.

We work as a collective because we are convinced that this form of work is manifest in the quality of our translations. We enjoy this form of joint text production because we care about the collective discussions and analyses when working on a text as well as about granting each other respect and authority.

The role of the individual translator may vary from text to text (first translator, second translator, not directly involved in a particular translation but contributing via e-mail to a discussion or to the conceptual and terminological work, management). It changes from commission to commission. Not so much because we are interested in anti-hierarchical forms of work but rather because we seek to create mobile hierarchies and a multiplicity of structures in our work processes. We work as a collective because this way the historically developed polyphony of every translation and of every text finds a concrete form of articulation.

As queer_feminist translators we work on social change, i.e. on the transformation of relations of power and domination – also in and through language. For our work this means that we care a lot for a language that is as bias-free as possible. We are very observant to (hetero)sexisms, racisms, and classisms in language and look for formulations that are as inclusive as possible. In our translations we try to create historically accurate terms and texts that generate anti-sexist, anti-racist and queer, non-heteronormative effects. We, therefore, understand our translation work as part of discursive formations and of collective theory productions.

If you are interested in working with gender et alia or if you have any questions, please contact us:

The price of a translation we calculate per standard line (of 55 characters including blanks) of the text in the target language for which we charge a minimum of € 2.* If you want to know what the translation of a particular text or book will cost, the best way to find out is to send us the finished source text via e-mail and we will provide a cost estimate. The final price is calculated on the basis of the actual length of the completed target text, yet if you wish we can also set the price in advance.

*If you are interested in hiring gender et alia for a translation and really cannot afford our rates, please, make us an offer.